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Padua – Antonio Ievolella: sculptures
Allestimento della mostra Antonio Ievolella SCULTURE
Napoli – Ghirba
the inverse square
The new "parco piazza", so called by the municipality in Veggiano (Padua) is a smart place that ...
il colore apparente
Riflessioni sul colore e il suo trasparire
  • 1991 Design draft for a shopping centre in Conselve (PD). ( photo )
    Consultant for ing. G. Morosinotto
  • 1992 Consultant for a building complex in the Czech Republic for a printing company “Mediagraf” Noventa (PD).
    Published  “Il Messaggero”
  • 1996-97 Architectural design consultant for the new Zilmet plant in Conselve (PD). (top view of the industrial complex)
    Consultant for G. Morosinotto.
  • 1994-2001 Design plans, supervision of the  project to develop the San Vito cemetery, Vigonza ( plant – fly view of cemetery -perspective drawingphoto 1 of chapelphoto 2 of chapel ).
    Commissioner: Municipality of Vigonza.
    Budget: 609.419,14 euros
  • 2001 Construction of the vaults, charnel houses and functional study to develop the Cemetery of Perarolo, Vigonza. (perspective drawing)
    Commissioned by the Municipality of Vigonza. Project budget 144,607.93 euros
    Design and working drawings.
  • 2002 Contract to design and supervise the expansion of the Tombolo Cemetery – PD – Italy.
    Project budget 278,875.00 euros
  • 2003 Contract to design and supervise the renovation a street,   Via Mira in the Municipality of Tombolo , PD. Italy. ( photo )
    Project budget 84,698.90 euros
  • 1991-2015 Building, renovations and interior design for private customers (scaled model proposal)
  • 2012-15 Restoration of the old stables of the Villa Giovannelli, Noventa Padovana ,Italy